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Friday, January 27, 2006

The relief squadron sent to Brazil from 1650 to 1652

We know just a very little about the relief squadron sent to Brazil in the period from 1650 to 1652. The survivors returned home in May-June 1652, although some were lost in the process. This is the list of ships and captains as we know them:
M  ?                  ?          Marinus de Clerq         arrived at Rotterdam 25 June
M  Dolphijn           28 guns    Captain Schooneman?      arrived at Rotterdam 25 June
M  Nijmegen           26 guns    Paulus van den Kerckhoff sunk by the English  10 June
F  ?                  ?          Hendrick Janszoon Camp   ?
F  ?                  ?          Tjaert de Groot          arrived at the Texel 13 June
A  Gewapende Ruiter   36 guns    Bo√ętius Schaeff       Captured by the English 18 June
A  Aemelia            28 guns    Floris van Oy            arrived at Amsterdam 12 June
A  Graaf Willem       40 guns    Captain Tas              arrived at Amsterdam 20 June
A  Westfriesland      28 guns    Captain Boonacker        arrived at Amsterdam 20 June
Z  ?                  ?          Cornelis Loncq           arrived at Wielings  20 June
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