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Monday, September 23, 2013

A list from Thurloe's papers in The First Dutch War

I had the opportunity while I was working in Minneapolis to see an original set of Thurloe's Papers at the University of Minnesota library in a special collection: "The James Ford Bell Library". In Volume 5 of Letters and Papers Relating to the First Dutch War there is a list from Thurloe. The list is pretty much garbled from the original, which I believe that I have also seen. This was a list of Dutch warships near the Texel after the Battle of the Gabbard. I have tried to correct the list. The list includes the name Ganapan. My explanation for that was that it was a ship named the Sampson. The Dutch handwriting used a style for the S that is essentially the same as the G. The handwriting was sloppy enough, that when I first saw it, it appeared to say Ganapan.

The Admiralty of Amsterdam

Overissel         Jan van Campen           ready
Pelicaen          Jan Overcamp             ready
Engel Gabriel     Adriaan van den Bosch    ready
Hollandia         Evert Anthonissen        not ready, just 86 men
Groningen         Gilles Thijssen Campen   not ready, is repairing
Bommel            Pieter van Brakel        not ready, is in Balck
Gouden Reael      Adriaan van Loenen       ready
Windhond, frigate Jan Heertjes             ready
Brack, frigate    Jan Admirael             ready

Directors of Amsterdam

Keurvorst van Keulen  Sijmon Dootjes       ready

Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier

Lastdrager        Gerrit Munt              not ready, has but 60 men
Eenhoorn          Jan Heck                 not ready
Harder            Jan Backer               ready

Directors of Medemblik

Koning Radboud    Jan Rootjes              ready

Directors of Enkhuizen

Harderin          Dirk Gerritszoon Pomp    ready

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