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Friday, August 08, 2014

The ship Sint Laurens

After seeing my entry for the ship Sint Laurens, a West Indiaman hired in 1639 for service with the fleet, I wondered if that could have been the same ship hired by the Directors of Middelburg in 1652. We have the dimensions for the Sint Laurens: 137ft x 29ft x 14ft x ?. In 1639, the sint Laurens carried 32 guns and had a crew of 87 men. Adriaen Dommertszoon commanded the Sint Laurens in 1639. The ship hired in 1652 was armed with 30 guns and we think that it had a crew of 105 men. The captain, in 1652, was Bastiaen Tuynemans. If the Sint Laurens was a new ship in 1639, then the ship would have been capable of serving in 1652.

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