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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Dutch captain: Johan Cornelszoon Lichthart

This is my translation of the entry in Mollema's "Honor Roll" for Johan Corneliszoon Lichthart:

Johan Corneliszoon Lichthart lived from 1601 to 30 November 1646. He served the West India Company.

In 1629-1630, he distinguished himself as captain of the Matanzas in the conquest of Olinda (Brazil). In 1630, he distinguished himself on the Overijssel against a superior force of 3 Dunkirkers, and was awarded a golden chain. In 1633, he commanded, on the coast of Brazil, ships in expeditions against Paraiba, Itamaracá, and Rio Grande. In 1634, he commanded ships in expeditions against Santo Agostinho and Paraiba. IN 1635, he commanded the blockade fleet before Bahia and ships on expeditions against Calvo and Barra Grande, and the port of Santo Agostinho. In 1636, he distinguished himself in the fighting for Bahia. In 1637-1640, he was the admiral on the Brazilian coast and cooperated with Jol. In 1641, he distinguished himself ni the conquest of Maranhao. In 1645, he fought the Portuguese in the battle at Tamandaré. In 1646, he died on the expedition to Rio San Francisco.

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