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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The second expedition to Spain 1626 to 1627

This is my attempt at translating the document "The second expedition to Spain was from 12 November 1626 to 10 July 1627" that wsa provided by Mr. Carl Stapel. "This concerns the outfitting of the second fleet of warships in the service of the admiralties. The hiring of the men was not paid, but the admiralties were assisted with the victualling and arming of the ships. The admiralties would propose captains to Prince Hendrick and he would appoint them.
Commander-in-chief:  Laurens Reael on board the Wapen van Amsterdam
Vice-Admiral:  Johan Evertsen
Schout-bij-Nacht: (not listed)

Admiralty of Amsterdam
Ship name            Lasts Crew  Guns  Captain                      Lieutenant

Wapen van Amsterdam  180   100   -     Ellert Thomaszoon            Arent Jansz. van Delften
Wapen van Edam       150   100   -     Hendrick Hendricksz. Cop     Hidde Hiessen
Roode Leeuw          150   100   -     Hans Bournon
Tonijn               140   100   -     Carsten Pieterssen Rosegerd  Willem van Dalen

The ship the Thetis with Captain Van der Haept remained off the Flemish coast

Admiralty of the Maze
Ship name            Lasts Crew  Guns  Captain                       Lieutenant

Halve Maen           180    90   -     Jan Janssen van den Kerckhoff Dirck Pieterssen
Abrahams Offerande   180    85   -     Claes Bontenburch             Willem Stoffelssen

Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier
Ship name            Lasts Crew  Guns  Captain                       Lieutenant

Mars (?)             160   100   -     Willem Codde van der Burch    -
-                    -     100   24    Jan Melcknap

Admiralty of Zeeland
Ship name            Lasts Crew  Guns  Captain                       Lieutenant
Zeeridder            180   -     -     Johan Evertsen                -
Postpaert(?)         140   -     -     Jan Hollaer                   -

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