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Friday, July 29, 2005

Dutch Captain: Jan de Haes

Mr. Carl Stapel sent me this information about Jan de Haes. I have done some translation to English:
     Jan de Haes

Admiralty of the Maze

Born       :
Married    :
Died       :  1666   beheaded

Details: nephew of vice-admiral Witte de With

1652  8-1 to 29-8    commander of the hired ship Beer  24 guns  crew of 86 men
1653  8  August      commander of the English prize Rosenkrans. 
                     The ship was almost burned down. 
                     The crew mostly went over to an English ship. 
                     He brought the ship back to  Goeree with a skeleton crew.
1654                 He commanded the Prins Hendrik (1653) in the Channel
1656 19 november     He commanded the Vrede (1654) in the Channel
1657                 He is not still in service of the Admiralty of the Maze
1658  25 sept        He commanded the Gelderland (1634) in a fight with privateers
1659                 In the Sont with the Schiedam (16??)
                          (according to A. Vreugdenhil).  
1666                 He detained captains and threatened them with death. 
                        He was caught, taken, and condemned to death. 
                      (he was extorting merchant and fishing captains)
                     In September 1666, he was beheaded (!)  

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