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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Dutch frigate Schermer (1690)

This from notes supplied by Mr. Carl Stapel. This is my translation:
Schermer frigate built in 1690
                                            Length: Beam:  Hold: Guns  In service:
Amsteram   Schermer or Beschermer  frigate  130ft   34ft   14ft  44    1690–1703

In 1690 built by Hendrick Cardinael at Amsterdam - a ship of the fifth charter 

Date      Captain                 Guns Crew  Notes
1694      Cornelis Hoogenhoek     44         under Hiddes de Vries fought 
                                                against Jean Bart  
1696      Cornelis Hoogenhoek     44   200   convoyer    
23/5/1703 commandeur Jacob Teengs 44         sea battle in the Bay of Biscay 

The ship was captured by French under the command of Duquay-Trouin.

Jacob Teengs was taken prisoner, but was exchanged in half-a-year.

Source: Notes of A Vreugdenhil. Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam

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