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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I just ordered some of the useful references for the Dutch navy from 1688 and later

I just ordered some books that cover the Dutch navy from 1688 and later. That has been a weak part of my library. If De Jonge does not cover a naval officer, I have no other options for men who were not flag officers. These are what I ordered:
  1. De admiraliteit van Amsterdam in rustige jaren, 1713-1751 : regenten en financiƫn, schepen en zeevarenden, Bruijn, J.R.
  2. De vloot van den Koning-Stadhouder 1689-1690, WARNSINCK, J.C.M.
  3. THE DEFEAT OF JAMES STUART'S ARMADA 1692, Aubrey, Philip.

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