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Sunday, February 12, 2006

One tidbit from the 15 July 1652 list of the Dutch fleet

One of the documents that I received early in 2005 was a list of the fleet commanded by Tromp on 15 July 1652. That list is similar enough to what is in Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet for 4 August 1652, there is not much new. One thing that got my attention was that Lt-Commandeur Nicolaes Marrevelt commanded Captain Huyrluyt's ship. That was the Zeelandia (36 guns). Presumably, Nicolaes Marrevelt had been Jacob Huyrluyt's lieutenant in the famous incident off the Start where Anthony Young had stopped the convoyers and 7 straatsvaarders. Shots were exchanged, and eventually, Anthony Young let the convoy proceed. Some reports say that there were three Dutch warships convoying the 7 rich merchantmen, but we only know the names of two: the Zeelandia (36 guns) commanded by Jacob Huyrluyt and the Campen (38 guns) commanded by Joris van der Zaan.

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