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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lists of the Dutch fleet

I have a number of lists of captains, and sometimes guns and crew, as well, in the Dutch fleet in 1652. One list is from 15 July 1652, prior to the storm in the Shetlands. That is somewhat similar to the list in Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet (from the Prins Hendrik Museum in Rotterdam). I also have alist from 20 September 1652 that has some nuggets that are not available anywhere else. We also know that there is a list, in a pamphlet, of the fleet on 30 June 1652. As usual, the process of transcribing and analyzing is timeconsuming.

An example of what is in the 20 September 1652 list follows:

Capitein Cornelis Jacobsz. Brouwer, 't ship de Vergulde Valck, ingecomen den 20 dito, helst onder boort 21 Meij, van 110 coppen. Volck victualen... [the rest is unintelligible].

As usual, reading one of the documents takes time, as often, it takes days or weeks to recognize the squiggles as words in archaic Dutch. (Admittedly, this example leaves something to be desired).

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