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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The captured firshery protection ships from 22 July 1652

It turns out that the biography of Cornelis Tromp, from 1692, has what is supposed to be a list of captains whose ships were captured or sunk on 22 July 1652. We know a more complete lists of ships, but not the mapping to captains.
Rijnhart Venhuizen        Paulus             24 guns    Rotterdam
Gerrit Janszoon Schuimer 
Dirk Gerritszoon (Pomp?)                                Noorderkwartier ?         
Jan Noblet                Land van Beloften  24 guns    Noorderkwartier
Captain Munnekes          Wapen van Holland  30 guns    Noorderkwartier                 
Dirk Claeszoon van Dongen                               Rotterdam
Dirk Bogaert              Juffrouw Katharina 22 guns    Amsterdam
Jan Heck                  Adam en Eva        24 guns    Noorderkwartier
Hendrik Kroeger           Marcus Curtius     24 guns    Amsterdam
Dirk Vijch                                              Rotterdam
Willem Ham                Sampson van Hoorn  24 guns    Noorderkwartier

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