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Monday, November 07, 2005

Dutch Captain: Anthonie Liederkercke

Anthonie Liederkercke served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He lived from 1587 until 1660. He was promoted to extra-ordinary Captain in 1623 and to ordinary captain in 1647. He seems to have served under Mooi Lambert and in 1626 took three Dunkirker prizes. He was awarded a golden chain. In 1626, he also took an ambassador to Barbary. In 1628, he was a commander at Vlissingen. In 1639, he distinguished himself before Dunkirk and at the Battle of the Downs. In 1640, he carried supplies to Morocco. From 1643 until 1644, he served in the blockade service before Dunkirk. In 1645, he commanded the Amsterdam ship Gelderland (32 guns) and was with Witte de With on the expedition to push a large fleet of into the Sound without paying the toll to Denmark. Andrew says that he commanded a ship in 1647, and that Cornelis Tromp, when he was very young, served as his lieutenant. Sources:
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