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Monday, November 14, 2005

A revised list of fishery protection vessels on 22 July 1652

Based on what Dr. Elias wrote in Vol.II of Schetsen, this would seem to be a better mapping of captains to ships for the fishery protection squadron taken by the English on 22 July 1652:
Dirk Claesz. van Dongen, admiral Paulus                24 guns   Rotterdam
Reynout Venhuizen, vice-admiral  Waterhond             24 guns   Rotterdam
                                 Kalmar Sleutel        22 guns   Rotterdam
Jan Noblet                       Land van Beloften     24 guns   Noorderkwartier
Captain Munnekes                 Wapen van Holland     30 guns   Noorderkwartier              
                                 Sampson van Enkhuizen 28 guns   Noorderkwartier
Jan Heck                         Adam en Eva           24 guns   Noorderkwartier
Willem Ham                       Sampson van Hoorn     24 guns   Noorderkwartier
                                 Jan Baptista          22 guns 
                                 Arke Noachs           24 guns   Amsterdam
                                 Zwaan                 28 guns   Amsterdam
Dirk Bogaert                     Juffrouw Katharina    22 guns   Amsterdam
Hendrik Kroeger                  Marcus Curtius        24 guns   Amsterdam

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