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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

36pdr guns in the Dutch navy

Prior to 1665, and even after that, very few Dutch warships carried any 36pdr guns. The Aemilia and Brederode, both flagships, both carried them, as did the Eendracht blown up at the Battle of Lowestoft in 1665. Michiel De Ruyter's flagship, the Zeven Provincien carried more 36 pdrs than any Dutch ship previously seen, as it had 12 in 1666. The Aemilia and Brederode carried four each. A few other ships had 36pdrs. For example, the Groene Draeck, 250-last ship built in 1623, carried two of them. The Hof van Zeeland, lost at the Four Days' Battle had two, as well. The Delfland, Michiel De Ruyter's flagship in the summer and early fall of 1665 carried one 36pdr. Sources:
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