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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Several ships named "Amsterdam" from 1652-1653

Ron van Maanen has two entries for ships named Amsterdam from the Admiralty of Amsterdam. One is for a ship with dimensions 120ft x 29ft x 11ft, with a height between decks of 6-3/4ft. This could be the ship commanded by Barent Pietersz Dorrevelt that was lost in the storm in the Shetlands in 1652. The second entry uses the same dimensions with question marks after them. He shows dimensions for another ship that has a length of 130ft and a hold of 13ft. This seems to be the ship Amsterdam that was originally commanded by Sijmon van der Aeck and later by Paulus Egbertsz Sonck. That ship carried 10-12pdr, 8-8pdr, 8-6pdr, and 4-3pdr guns. The other armament for a ship named Amsterdam that is listed by Ron has 18-12pdr, 10-6pdr, and 2-4pdr guns. One occurance of that gun list is in 1651. Another in in November 1653. The 130ft ship's armament is listed with a date of 16 November 1652. Sources:
  1. Ron van Maanen, unpublished manuscript "Dutch Warships 1600-1800", undated, but circa 1992
  2. list of Admiralty of Amsterdam hired ships from 1652 from the Wrangell Collection, 1652

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