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Friday, February 09, 2007

This list from late 1652 calls Claes Jansz Sanger "Claes Janssen Zanger"

I just received photographs of this wonderful list of Zeeland ships that dates from late 1652. In that list, the man that I usually call Claes Janszoon Sanger is called Claes Janssen Zanger. That does not surprise me particularly, as there is the constant interchange in use between the "sen" and "zoon", the former seeming more Scandanavian. So Janszoon (Jan's son) becomes Janssen. There is also the interchange between Z and S a great deal in 17th Century writing. There are also several occasions, such as Witte de With's journal in May 1653 when Claes Jansz Sanger is called "kapitien Claes". In May 1653, he commanded the ship Milde Maarten (26 guns).

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