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Monday, February 12, 2007

Jan Olivierszoon's ship

From 1652 to 1653, Jan Olivierszoon commanded the Veere Directors' ship that I have seen called the "Wapen van der Vere" (you would expect something like "Wapen van Veere"). From the page that had the handwritten name "Wapen van der Vere", there were the dimensions: 123-1/2ft x 28ft x 12ft. I only noticed this morning that I have a photograph of a page that has a gun list for Jan Olivierszoon's ship. The sum claims to have 38 guns, but I could only see 34 guns: 4-brass 18pdr, 4-iron 12pdr, 18-iron 8pdr, 4-iron 6pdr, and 4-iron 3pdr. The page gives his crew as 125 men, consisting of sailors and soldiers. The date seems to be 27 November 1652, if I am reading the three letters correctly, as "nov".

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