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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Build dates and sizes from the 23 April 1632 document

One feature of the 23 April 1632 document that gives annual lists of Rotterdam ships from 1628 until 1632 is a list that gives ship names, lasts, and year built. The source is from the Nationaal Archief, Staten Generaal 1.01.04 Inventory number 5506. This is the list:
Ships built in 1628

The Ewer of 50 lasts
The ship Salamander of 110 lasts
The Leeuw of 170 lasts

Ships built in 1629

Prins Hendrick of 180 lasts
The Sonne of 170 lasts
the Grasmeijer of 140 lasts
Keyser Carol of 120 lasts
The ship Bruijnvisch of 120 lasts

Ships built in 1630

The jacht named the Engel of about 60 lasts
The boat St. Jacob of about 80 lasts

Ships built in 1631

Ship Amelia of about 100 lasts
A hoecker ship 
A hoecker ship
A new ship (looks like "op de werss van Hendrick Jorisz")
A new ship (looks like "op de werss als vooren")

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