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Saturday, March 04, 2006

English Captain: Thomas Ewens

Thomas Ewens served in the Restoration navy. In 1664, the Duke of York appointed him as captain of the Kent. In June 1665, he fought in the Four Days' Battle, where he was assigned to Robert Sansum's division in the White Squadron. From December 1665 until March 1666, he was with Sir Jeremy Smith's Tangier fleet. In 1666, he joined the fleet in the Four Days' Battle sometime in the period of 3-4 June (old style). In late May, he had taken a prize and he sent it to the Downs to the flagship with the message that a Swede had reported that 75 Dutch warships had sailed from the Texel on 21 May and another 18 warships from Zeeland. King Charles II received the report in London, after in arrive late on 30 May. The Kent was rumoured to have surrendered and to have been recaptured. In any case, Thomas Ewens was dismissed from the service after the battle for cowardice. Sources:
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  2. J.R. Tanner, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge, Vol.I, 1903.

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