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Friday, March 10, 2006

Rotterdam ships in service in 1628

One document from the Nationaal Archief lists Rotterdam ships in service in 1628. I have attempted to read and translate the entries, although several :
 1. ship named the Groene Draeck
 2. the Vergulde Arent]
 3. the Neptunis
 4. Zeecalf
 5. the Dolphijn
 6. the kleine Orangieboom
 7. the jacht the Swarten Arent
 8. the Ewer
 9. the Zeeridder
10. the St. Andries is the 15 April 1628, of the 
         Captain Bockingen, was taken by the enemy. Of 140 lasts
11. the Drie Coningen of 130 lasts is on 15 April 1628, 
      with Captain Pieter Cornelisz was sunk was was the forenamed ship
      at sea were to protect the small fishery
12. the Dubbele Arent
13. the Oude Abraham
14. the Jonas
15. the Swarten Leeuw
16. the Bruijnvisch of 120 lasts, under Captain Snerbur? was taken 
       by the enemy at the end of August 1628
17. the boat St. Anthonis
18. the boat St. Jacob, of 50 lasts, was sold on 16 September 1628
19. the Orangieboom
20. Gelderlant
21. Postpaert
22. the Tonijn
23. the Cleyne Neptunis
24. the Eendracht
25. the Wassende Maen

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