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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Halve Maan lost at the Battle of the Gabbard

Carl Stapel found out that the ship Halve Maan was the same ship commanded by Jan Fredericksz Houcboot in 1652. I had seen the handwritten name in a document from September 1652, and thought it said Vergulde Meerman (actually, it was "M" and a squiggle, followed by an "n"). The handwritten name apparently was "Vergulde Maen". From Ron van Maanen's list, we know the dimensions in Amsterdam feet: 120ft x 27ft x 12ft. The height between decks was 6ft. In August 1652, the Vergulde Maen carried 30 guns and had a crew of 110 men. The Vergulde Maen was hired by the Edam Directors.

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