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Friday, October 13, 2006

Some lingering questions about Zeeland ships in 1652

My knowledge of Dutch ships, including Zeeland ships, in 1653, is now much better than it was a few weeks ago, particularly thanks to Carl Stapel's latest finds from the archives. There are still many questions, as there seems to be less information about dimensions for Zeeland ships than other admiralties. All we have to do is to examine the list of States' ships for Zeeland in the list from Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet to see the holes in our knowledge. This is still just tentative, because until I see some 1652 lists with captains and ship names, I would not consider to be definitive (if then):
Adm   Ship            Guns Crew  Commander
Z     Hollandia       38   160   vice-admiraal Johan Evertsen
Z     Zeeuwsche Leeuw 30   120   commandeur Cornelis Evertsen de Oude
Z     Meerminne       28   100   kapitein Gillis Janszoon
Z     Middelburg      26   110   kapitein Claes Jansz Sanger
Z     Amsterdam       30   110   kapitein Adriaan Kempen
Z     ?               26   100   kapitein Adriaan Bankert
Z     Zeeuwsche Jager 14    56   kapitein Adriaan Jansz den Oven
Z     Eendracht       18   100   kapitein Lambert Bartelszoon
Z     Haes?           20   100   kapitein Johannes Michielszoon
Z     Sint Joris      28    85   kapitein Jacob Wolphertszoon
Z     ?               ?    ?     kapitein Daniel Cornelisz Brackman
Z     Dolfijn         24    85   kapitein Dingeman Cats
Z     Sandenburgh     24    85   kapitein Pieter Gorcum

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  2. Hendrik de Raedt, Lyste van de schepen van Oorloge onder het beleyt Admirael Marten Harpersz. Tromp, 1652
  3. Carl Stapel, unpublished manuscript "Lijst van Nederlandse schepen in maart 1653", 2006

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