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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Vlissingen Directors' ship Haes

I believe that the Vlissingen Directors' ship Haes is the same ship as the Haes in het Velt, mentioned as part of Michiel De Ruyter's convoying fleet in the summer of 1652. Carl Stapel found the details in the Nationaal Archief. The ship was just 113ft long and only had 6 guns larger than 8pdrs. The armament was 26 guns and had a crew of 120 men. In the summer, if this they are the same ship, the Haes was commanded by Leendert den Haen, and then from some time in September, was commanded by Bastiaan Centsen. To the great discredit of the English captain and crew, the Haes took the English 34-gun ship Hercules, right after the Battle of Dungeness. The commander and crew of the Hercules panicked and ran the ship ashore, abandoning the Hercules. Bastiaan Centsen refloated the Hercules and took it back to the Netherlands as a prize.

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