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Monday, October 16, 2006

The measured dimensions of the Gorinchem (Gorcum) in Amsterdam feet

Ron van Maanen, in his "Zeeland" document (I still don't understand the rationale of the filename) gives the actual measured dimensions for the Gorinchem of 1639 in Amsterdam feet. Other sources, except for Dr. Weber's book, always give the dimensions in Maas feet. The "classic" dimensions quoted by Vreugdenhill, in his list, apparently from the Staet van Oorlog te Water for the year 1654 are 106ft x 25ft x 9-1/2ft. Dr. Weber gives the dimensions as 116ft x 27ft x 11ft, but Ron has what appear to be the measured figures: 115ft-7in x 27ft-3in x 10ft-10in. These appear to be in Amsterdam feet of 11 inches per foot (283mm). Maas feet have 12 inches of about the same size, so a Maas foot is about 308mm, or so.

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