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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ships mentioned in Carl Stapel's list for March 1653

At the end of Carl Stapel's list compiled from archival sources for March 1653, he has appendices B and C. Appendix B lists the ships Maeght van Enkhuizen (28 guns) and the Schellinghout (28 guns). I have thought that what Ron van Maanen calls the Maagd van Enkhuizen is the ship commanded by Gijsbert Malcontent. He was killed and his ship was captured in the Three Days Battle (Portland). They were hired by the Enkhuizen Directors. I have not been able to match the Schellinghout with a captain. Ron van Maanen had also mentioned the ship in his comprehensive list.

Appendix C includes the ships Samson and another ("L" or "Si---den"). From Ron van Maanen's list, the ship "L" is the Liefde, as the dimensions are identical. the Samson seems to be the ship commanded by Jacob Pietersz Houck. The Liefde seems to be that commanded by Pieter Adriaansz van Blocker.

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