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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The 30 April 1653 list of Witte de With's squadron

I have thought that Witte de With's squadron, as listed on 30 April 1653, in his letters (E8811 page 70) was a pretty potent striking force. Witte de With was the senior officer who was trusted to handle these special assigments. That had been true since the 1640's. We don't have the gun lists for all the ships, but for quite a few:
Adm    Ship          Guns Crew Commmander                   Gun list
A      Leeuwarden    34   158  vice-admiraal Witte de With  4-18pdr,14-12pdr,16-6pdr
Vl-Dir Witte Lam     38   168  vice-commandeur de Ruyter   
R      Utrecht       22    98  commandeur Leender Haexwant  6-12pdr,10-8pdr,2-6pdr,
A      Vogel Phesant 32   110  vice-commendeur de Lapper    18-12pdr,14-6pdr
A      Bommel        30   120  kapitein Pieter van Braeckel 20-12pdr,2-6pdr,8-4pdr
Z      Neptunus      30    85  kapitein Adriaan den Oven    2-18pdr,4-12pdr,2-10pdr,
A      Omlandia      32   109  kapitein Maarten Schaeff     12-12pdr,6-8pdr,
A      Graaf Willem  40   155  kapitein Verburgh            4-18pdr,16-12pdr,
R      Overijssel    22   100  kapitein Dirck Vijgh         4-24pdr,2-12pdr,
N      Prins Maurits 32    97  kapitein Taenman
Z      Amsterdam     32   116  kapitein Kempen              2-20pdr,8-12pdr,
F      Postpaert     30   106  kapitein Isaac Kodde         10-12pdr,8-8pdr,
Z      Hollandia     36   127  kapitein Adriaan Banckert    4-24pdr,4-18pdr,2-15pdr,
Mi-Dir Gouden Leeuw  30   110  kapitein Jacob Penssen       4-24pdr,4-12pdr,14-8pdr,
Ha-Dir Sint Vincent  28   110  kapitein Kleijntje
A-VOC  Gerechtigheid 34   105  kapitein Evert Swart
En-Dir Vergulde Zon  28   115  kapitein Jan Duijm           4-18pdr,8-12pdr,6-8pdr,

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