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Monday, December 18, 2006

One of Johan Evertsen's greatest personal incidents

At the Battle of Dungeness, on 10 December 1652, two English ships, the Garland and teh Anthony Bonaventure had come alongside Lt-Admiral Maarten Tromp's flagship, the Brederode, and might have taken the Brederode. At the critical moment, Johan Evertsen had his flag captain, Adriaan Bankert, take their ship, the 120ft long Hollandia (36 or 38 guns) alongside and together, Tromp and Evertsen took the Anthony Bonaventure (36 guns), and then took the Garland. Tromp had originally engaged the Garland, thinking that his 54 gun ship outmatched the 44 gun ship. When the Anthony Bonaventure came alongside, unexpectedly, that upset his calculations, and was being pressed hard. On page 230 of The First Dutch War, Vol.III, Johan Evertsen, in his journal, describes the action. The Dutch had lost Dirk Juynbol's ship, the Schiedam, which was destroyed when its gunpowder had caught fire.

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