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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So what was Joris Collerij's ship in May 1653?

I noticed, in Witte de With's letters from May 1653, that Joris Collerij commanded a 26 gun ship with a crew of 110 men (page 116 of E8811). I could not remember, for sure, what that ship was. I had to "cheat" and look at Carl Stapel's list for 20 June 1653. He shows that the ship was the Jonas, a ship hired by the Admiralty of Amsterdam. Carl gives the Jonas's crew on 20 June 1653 as 90 men. I noticed, in his list, the phenomenon that I had seen before, that ships were called by slightly different names than is shown in published sources. For example, Jan Boermans' ship is called the "Oude Prins", instead of the Prins Willem (at least that is what the handwritten list from July 1653 calls the ship). Another example is the "Princes", which is the "Prinses Aemilia" or "Princesse Amelia", which in the list from the Wrangell Collection is called the Amelia. Sources:
  1. list of Amsterdam hired ships from the Wrangell Collection, Riksarkivet, Stockholm
  2. Staten Generaal 1.01.04 Inv. Nr. 5556, "List of ships at Vlissingen on 2 July 1653", 1653
  3. Witte de With, letters from 1653 to 1658, Archive E8811 from the Riksarkivet, Stockholm

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