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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Directors' ships in September 1652

I continue to be interested in this one document from September 1652 that lists captains and ship names of ship hired by Directors of seaports. This list has a particular spelling of names that confirms some of those in published sources, such as Hendrick de Raedt's pamphlet, and which I have reproduced for both ship names and captains:
Adm    Ship                 Captain
A-Dir  Blauwen Arent        Dirck Pater
A-Dir  Fortuijn             Frederick de Coninck
En-Dir Vergulde Sonne       Jacob Claesz Duijm
Ho-Dir Sampson              Jacob Pietersz Houck
Ed-Dir Vergulde Maen        Jan Fredericksz Houckboot
Ha-Dir St. Vincent          Andries Douwesz (Pascaert)
Ha-Dir Vergulde Pelicaen    Aries Heeres Cleijntje

I do not have the Nationaal Archief reference, but that is where the document is from.

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