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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am more convinced than ever that Dr. Ballhausen is wrong about Cornelis Jol and Cornelis Hoola being the same man

In his book, Dr. Ballhausen seems to assume that Cornelis Hoola, commander of the Leiden in 1652, and Cornelis Cornelisz Jol were the same man. The reason why that cannot be true is that in early 1652, Cornelis Cornelisz Jol was lieutenant of Bastiaan Bardoel's ship, the Engel Gabriel. The Engel Gabriel was one of the 27 original ships hired by the Amsterdam Directors in about March 1652. I believe that Cornelis Hoola commanded the Leiden from at least February 1652. There is no way that they could be the same man, given that we know all this.

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