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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Brederode in June 1653

I was interested to see that the Brederode, the Dutch fleet flagship, had her armament "improved" by June 1653. The lower tier, instead of being a mix of 18pdr, 24pdr, and 36pdr, now just had a set of 24pdr guns, supplemented by the four chambered 36pdr pieces. The upper tier was all 12pdr guns, with the quarterdeck still armed with 6pdr guns. Except for the 36pdr guns, this was a more modern armament. The Brederode was about the size of a small English 3rd Rate. Remember that the Maas foot and the English foot were very similar in size. The Brederode was 132ft x 32ft x 13-1/2ft in Maas feet of 308mm. Of course, the Dutch measured from stem to sternpost, inside the planking for the beam, and at the deck edge for the hold depth.

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