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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Maagd van Enkhuizen

The ship Maagd van Enkhuizen (or Maeght van Enkhuijsen) was apparently rearmed before her loss in the Three Days Battle (probably on 28 February 1653). This was the Enkhuizen Directors' ship commanded by Gijsbert Malcontent. Marco Schuffelen told me that his name sounded French. Anyway, I have page that lists a radically different gun list than I had seen in late 1652. The ship now had a lower tier of 12pdr guns, supplemented by 8pdrs and a smaller number of 4pdr guns. The ship had been armed with 4-18pdr, with the rest of the lower tier being 9pdr guns. I had heard that many ships had been rearmed, but I had not seen the new gun lists, prior to this.

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