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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Noorderkwartier ships in July 1653, according to Witte de With

Since the list of ships for 14 July 1653 seems to have errors, I thought that I would like see what Witte de With said about Noorderkwartier ships for approximately that date (8 July 1653):
Adm    Ship                Guns Crew Commander
N      Harder              30   108  kapitein Backer
N      Lastdrager          28   103  kapitein Gerrit Munt
N      Eenhoorn            26    94  kapitein Jan Heck
En-Dir Harderin            30   120  kapitein Gerrit Pomp
Me-Dir Coninck Radbout     32   110  kapitein Jan Rootjes

There were more ships than this. These are just the ones listed on this date in Witte de With's journal.

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