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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Noorderkwartiier ship Peereboom

In June 1653, the Noorderkwartier hired ship Peereboom had a main battery of 6pdr guns. The Peereboom had an armament of 24 guns, with a few 8pdr guns and the remainder were a mix of 5pdr, 4pdr, and 3pdr guns. We actually know the number of cannon shot carried:
 50 8pdr shot
250 6pdr shot
 50 5pdr shot
 50 4pdr shot
 50 3pdr shot

Dutch ships also generally carried "expanding bar shot". there were fewer of these, but they had them for every size gun. The Dutch often were firing at the English masts and rigging, so the bar shot was useful. Remember that Robert Blake, the English commander at the Three Days Battle, was wounded by bar shot. The wound did not heal for the remaining four years of his life.

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