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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Morgen Sterre

In The First Dutch War, Vol.V, there is a damage report for Amsterdam ships from after the Battle of Scheveningen. That list mentions "Captain Quaeff" as the commander of the ship "Morgen Sterre" (or however you would want to spell the ship name). I presume that this was the same as the ship otherwise referred to as either the "Vergulde Star", "Star", or "Sterre". One of the pages the I recently received shows that the captain was Albert Claesz de Graeff, who had commanded the hired ship Hollandia (a large ship) in 1652 and into 1653. Another page calls the ship "Morge Star". Apparently, in late July 1653, the intended crew for the Morgenstar was 120 men, although only 109 were actually on board.

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