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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Battle of the Sound, 29 October (Old Style) – 8 November1658 (New Style)

I asked Prof. Glete about Johan Levin Carlbom's armament figures for Swedish ships, as reported in Dr. Ballhausen's book. Prof. Glete told me that the figures I gave him for the Swedish ship, the Caesar, that gave the lower tier as 26-24pdr guns was incorrect, as the number should be 22-24pdr guns. he says that the figures in Carlbom's work are essentially establishments, rather than actual guns carried. There is a list, from August 1658, that has listed the armaments actually carried for most of the Swedish ships at the battle in November.

I have made a small start on defining the Dutch ships for the Battle of the Sound scenario for AOSII/Privateers Bounty. I hope to have the scenario ready for testing, this weekend.

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