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Saturday, February 21, 2004

The Battle of the Sound scenario

I finished my initial version of the Battle of the Sound for AOSII Privateers Bounty. I was playtesting the scenario, when my computer hung so badly, that I had to do a hard reboot.

Even with the "Difficulty Level" set to "Medium", it is a very balanced scenario, when done as a solo game with the Dutch against the Swedes. I suspect that if you play the Swedes, you will be able to really do a lot of damage to the Dutch fleet. The Swedes have several very large ships (the Kronan and the Viktoria, as well as some very substantial 54-gun ships. The Dutch only have the Eendracht (72 guns) and the Brederode (58 guns), of that size. Pieter Florissen's flagship, the Jozua only carried 50 guns.

The Dutch had been further ahead, but the Swedes flanked the Dutch fleet, and when my machine froze up, I was maneuvering to break the Swedish fleet into two parts.

That is the way to do a great deal of damage: break the line, and then go on alternative tacks, sailing back and forth. I would like to be able to play a battle all the way through, before I release the scenario for others to play.

I expect to do a revision, after I receive a document, from August 1658, that has armaments for most of the Swedish fleet that took part in the battle.

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