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Saturday, February 14, 2004

An ongoing discussion about 17th Century naval wargaming

I realized that the best thing would be to move my sailing ship naval wargaming discussion to a new forum. At least, initially, since this will be an ongoing discussion, if not dialog, a blog would be a good place to start.

I have scenarios for Age of Sail II-Privateers Bounty for the First Anglo-Dutch War from the start, at Dover, up to and including the Battle of Portland, in early 1653. I may make those available for download from this blog, although I may just continue to supply them, as requested by e-mail.

My current project is to develop a scenario for the Battle of the Sound. I realized that this would be feasible, when I found extensive armament information about the Swedish fleet, on the Internet.

There is also a good map in Dr. Ballhausen's book, that shows the starting position of the squadrons and the wind direction. R.C. Anderson's book has a description and orders of battle for the two fleets, as well as their organization. I have, in addition, unpublished, handwritten documents from the Nationaal Archief, in the Hague, that have additional information about the Dutch fleet (especially crew and soldier data).

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