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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Graaf Hendrick and the Graaf Willem

The Frisian ships Graaf Hendrick, the ship commanded by Jan Reijnderdersz Wagenaer, and the Graaf Willem, the ship commanded by Jan Coenders, were both quite large. They were about the length of the largest of the Amsterdam 40-gun ships built from 1640 to 1652. The Graaf Hendrick only carried 30 guns and the Graaf Willem, a fluit, only carried 24 guns. There are two different groups of documents about Frisian ships. One has good information about the Graaf Hendrick, with dimensions and a gun list. The other does not and only has a partial gun list. The Graaf Willem is noteworthy for only having a main battery of 8pdr guns.

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