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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jacob Andriesz Swart in December 1652

I have this list of ships with the Dutch fleet in December 1652. The list only has ship commander names. Only in the case of the VOC ship Vogelstruis is the name provided. Under the Admiralty of Amsterdam, the name of commandeur Jacob Andriesz Swart appears. I believe that he commanded the large 36-gun ship Drie Coningen at the Battle of Dungeness and the Three Days Battle (the Battle of Portland). I think that the story is that he was Lucas Albertssen's luitenant. Lucas Albertssen had commanded the Drie Coningen from the spring or summer of 1652 up to the Battle of the Kentish Knock. Witte de With accused Lucas Albertssen of not doing his duty at the Kentish Knock, and I believe that he was ultimately convicted in a court martial, along with some other captains. I think that the Drie Coningen was damaged enough in the Three Days Battle as to be discarded rather than repaired.

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