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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The more powerful Amsterdam ships in May 1653

The list of Admiralty of Amsterdam ships in May 1653 that carried 34 guns or more is interesting to see. These are just ships that were with the fleet:
Adm   Ship              Guns Crew Commander
A     Vrede             44   192  commandeur Gideon de Wildt
A     Vrijheid          50   207  vice-admiraal Witte de With
                                  vlag-kapitein Abraham van der Hulst
A     Leewarden         34   148  kapitein Govert Reael
A     Graaf Willem      40   155  kapitein Gideon Verburgh
A     Bommel            34   110  kapitein Pieter van Braeckel
A     Zeelandia         34   130  kapitein Nicolaes Marrevelt
A     Campen            40   158  kapitein Willem van der Zaan

  1. Witte de With, journals from 1652 to 1658, Archive E8812 from the Riksarkivet, Stockholm

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