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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another list that confirms that the Campen, Westfriesland, Star, and others were hired!

The document from the Wrangell Collection that Jan Glete had sent me had Amsterdam ships hired in 1652. We had a hard time with it, because we had considerable reason to believe that the Campen, Westfriesland, Star, Edam, and other ships, were "Landsschepen" and belonged to the Admiralty of Amsterdam rather than being hired ("gehuurd"). I received photographs of a list, today, that confirm that these ships were listed as "hired". My attempt at an explanation is that these ships were funded by the "100 ships", and were considered to be "hired". Another explanation is that they were actually hired, after being discarded at the peace in 1648. I have assumed that these ships were simply put into reserve, in 1648, available to be returned to service when needed.

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