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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The ship Sint Willeboort of the Hoorn Chamber of the VOC

When I was reading the pages from the outline list of ships at Vlissingen in July 1653, I had seen that there was one ship listed from the Hoorn Chamber of the VOC. I had heard of a ship called the Mars, and wondered if that was the ship. It was only after seeing Witte de With's journal and hearing from Carl Stapel that I knew the name of the ship was the Sint Willeboort, which I had not seen mentioned in the published literature. Yesterday, I received the page that lists six VOC ships that served with the fleet in 1653. One was Pieter de Bitter's ship, the Mercurius and another was a ship of Hoorn. The characteristics were those of the Sint Willeboort, which Carl Stapel had sent me. A striking feature of the Sint Willeboort is that the length-to-beam ration is 5.0, while the length to beam ratio for the Mercurius is just 4.0. Another surprising fact is that the armament is very light, with only six guns of 12pdr and larger. The rest are 8pdr and smaller, down to 2pdr.

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