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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I see that the latest Rotterdam list from 1652 is of the fleet "under the flag of Vice-Admiral De With"

I had wondered about yet another list of ships of the Admiralty of Rotterdam, dating from 1652. I looked at the title on the first page, and this list is of the fleet under the flag of Vice-Admiral Witte de With. In the list, the crew of the Brederode is listed as 175 sailors and 75 soldiers. The crew of Witte de With's flagship Prinses Louise was 121 sailors and 41 soldiers. The list actually includes all Rotterdam ships, as Michiel Fransz van den Bergh's ship, the 40-gun Gelderland, which was in the Mediterranean Sea is included. The Gelderland had a crew of 110 sailors and 30 soldiers. The small frigate Gelderland, commanded by the famous Aert Jansz van Nes, had a large crew, consisting of 80 sailors and 20 soldiers. Paulus van den Kerckhoff's ship, the Dolphijn, had a crew of 109 sailors and 31 soldiers.

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