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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Captain of the Hector van Troijen in December 1652

One document that in photographs that I received two days ago list Friesland captains and their ship, apparently from 7 December 1652. The page with the date is indistinct, so the date is certainly in December 1652, but the exact day is unclear. In any case, the only change that I especially noticed is that Laurens Harmensz Degelencamp (as this document calls him) was now captain of the ship Hector van Troijen. Reiner Sekema (or Siccema) had been removed and would face courtmartial. The Hector van Troijen was a rather small 24-gun ship that had fought at the Battle of Plymouth in August and the Battle of the Kentish Knock in October. I usually seen the captain's name written as Laurens Degelcamp, but I have seen him simply called Laurens Hermanszoon. A descendent of his or distant relative told me that his name really was Laurens Degelencamp.

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