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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Gideon in September 1652

I received better photographs of a document, dating from September 1652, that has armaments listed for some ship, including the Amsterdam Directors' ship Gideon, commanded by Hector Bardesius at this date. A number of ships were armed with "half-cartouwen" 24pdr guns. The Gideon carried 4 bronze 24pdr guns of this type. While nominally carrying 34 guns, the Burgh actually seems to have had 37 guns: 4-24pdr, 14-12pdr, 8-8pdr, 5-6pdr, 2-4pdr, 4-3pdr. From other sources, we know that the Gideon had dimensions of 132-1/2ft x 29-1/4ft x 13-1/2ft, with a height between decks of 6-1/2ft.

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