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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yesterday, I received photographs of the document with Zeeland Directors' ships from December 1652

I received the two photographs from a document that gives the gun lists and crews for three Zeeland Directors' ships: Jan Thijssen's ship Witte Lam, Bastiaen Centen's ship the Haes, and Allert Janszoon/Teunis Post's ship, the Arend (or Dubbele Arend). The Lam or Witte Lam had been Michiel De Ruyter's flagship from late 1652 until the late summer of 1653, and was heavily engaged. The Haes and Dubbele Arend both took part in the voyage to Norway and back in September to November 1653. Perhaps there would be some interest in knowing that in December 1652, the Lam carried 34 guns, of which four were 24pdr and two were 18pdr. The Lam had an odd collection of guns: bronze 24pdr, 18pdr, 12pdr, and 6pdr guns and iron 12pdr and 8pdr guns. The largest number were iron 8pdr guns.

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