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Saturday, March 06, 2004

The Battle of the Sound scenario

I reran the Battle of the Sound scenario, and tried a different approach. The battle went much better, although it was still hard-fought. Eventually the Dutch reached a tipping point, and there what was left, was to do "mop up" of the remaining Swedish ships.

What I did was to reverse the Dutch fleet's course, and head towards the Eastern side of the Sound. This put the Dutch in a better position to cap the Swedish "T". The battle really progressed well, until Dutch ships started to catch fire. I immediately turned the crews to firefighting, but they accumulated more damage than they would otherwise have.

The Dutch fleet sailed back and forth in their position on the West side, while the six Dutch transports ran past the Western end of the Swedish fleet, headed for Copenhagen with troops and supplies for the besieged city.

One thing that I did that I have not done much with, previously, was to turn the Dutch crews, on ships that had received extensive sail damage, to repair sails. That made the more heavily damaged ships more mobile. Often, they had lost a mast, so they were not up to their normal mobility, but late in the scenario, they provided an anvil force to help trap the last Swedish ship. The Dutch won, finally, 46% to 0%. I had made no attempt to do anything about burning ships (such as altering their course, and that of surrounding ships). That caused the Dutch losses to be as high as this.

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