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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Miniatures Sailing Warfare Gaming

I admire the persistence of those who want to continue to game sailing naval warfare with miniatures. I must admit that it is the most interesting and satisfying way to game. The problem is that to use miniatures, you have to make (at least for now) major compromises:

  • Reduce ship numbers
  • Reduce realism and risk over-simplification

  • Even Privateers Bounty does not do all that I would want, but at it least allows gaming with larger numbers and does a credible simulation of gunfire, damage, fireships and fire, in all aspects, as well as the physics of sailing.

    The one hope I see for miniatures is if you can combine computers with miniatures, and retain the satisfaction of having the miniatures, while having the easier, and more accurate bookkeeping and rule enforcement that a computer offers.

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