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Friday, March 19, 2004

I ran the Kentish Knock scenario, again

I just ran the Battle of the Kentish Knock scenario, again, to get another "data point" with Privateers Bounty. I ran the scenario with the difficulty set to "Medium". I ran the three Dutch fireships up the East side, and attempted an attack, on the Sovereign and Resolution, but did no damage, before the fireships were sunk.

I formed the Dutch into four groups, beside the fireships, by squadron. I set destination points, initially, to the South-Southeast, by squadron. Again, as last time, the English came up and caught the tail of the Dutch line (which had been the three slowest ships, all belonging to the VOC). The first ship to succumb was the Louise Hendrika. SHe surrendered, and after a long time, was sunk. The Vogelstruis was quickly dismasted. She held out for a long time, but her guns were eventually silenced, which was too bad, because she could have sunk more ships.

The Prins Willem was eventually run down and dismasted. She held on for a long time and sank several ships and disabled the frigate Portsmouth's steering. The main body came up, and the larger ships started raking the Prins Willem, until she caught fire and then surrendered. Meanwhile, the Dutch main body sailed off into the distance.

The eventual result was that 82% of the Dutch were left, while only 61% of the English were left. That translates into six Dutch ships lost, including the three fireshps and the three East Indiamen. The English lost 16 ships, only one of those being a fireship, the Renown. Amazingly enough, the English were beaten pretty badly: the Dutch only lost three warships while the English lost 15. That was a pretty good performance by the Dutch.

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